Welcome to the website for Babyprints by Sofia! We continue to add new shirt designs to our site. Please visit us often to see the latest additions! For any questions regarding our products or to place an order, please email us at babyprintsbysofia@yahoo.com.


We have a new website!! The new site will have ONLY our screen printed shirts. As we expand out inventory we will be adding the new shirts over there. "Vote for Elmo," "Vote for Cookie Monster," "McScreamy," and "thumbsucker" are there now. (YES!! Thumbsucker is our newest shirt and we have it in 3 shirt colors!) We will be keeping this site up to test drive new designs, but our main site will be the new one (address is below).

You can order right off that site through paypal!

Thanks for all of your continued business! We are excited about our new home on the web. Come visit us there at

For all you LOTR fans...

If you were waiting for the perfect shirt for your baby, it has arrived!!
One baby to rule them all
is our latest design addition!

And if you don't know what LOTR stands for then you probably can't consider yourself a fan.